3D Printed Models Provide Road Map to Rare Cloacal Repair Surgeries

Cloacal repair is a rare and delicate surgical procedure that many pediatric surgeons will never encounter in their lifetime. UC Davis pediatric surgeon Payam Saadai specializes in this type of surgery and is committed to helping children born with a cloaca to have the best possible future. Using 3D models created at the 3D PrintViz Lab on the UC Davis Health campus in Sacramento, surgical teams have been able to plan cloacal surgeries like never before. These models provide a veritable road map that makes all the difference. One in 50,000 girls are born with a cloaca, which is a rare, congenital malformation in which the genital tract, the urinary tract and the colorectal or intestinal tract end together in one channel, instead of being three separate structures.

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