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Grace’s story


This “miracle” girl with a heart of gold was born with a heart defect.

“Grace loves everyone and everyone loves Grace.” That is how people see this little superhero.

This “miracle” girl with a heart of gold was born with a heart defect. Grace Garcia’s parents got the news before she was born. After being referred to UC Davis by their local doctor, the prenatal diagnosis was double inlet left ventricle (DILV) with interrupted aortic arch. She was three days old when her first surgery took place. Several additional surgeries followed.

With the diagnosis came fear, but that has since been replaced with a sense of hope and immense gratitude, despite numerous admissions to the hospital to continue Grace’s treatment. “I love UC Davis Children’s Hospital,” says her mom Lidia Garcia. “I didn’t even know about this facility, let alone where it was when we were initially sent here. It was such a blessing.”

 The only girl in a family of three older brothers, Grace’s mom says she is a “miracle.”

“We always dreamed of a girl. We were married for nine years when Grace arrived. When we thought we were going to lose her, it was terrifying. But we were in God’s hands and the right place.”

Grace is as happy as they come. She loves to play with her three brothers and steals hearts with her singing. Beyond her inimitable spirit, Lidia credits the UC Davis Children’s Hospital care team with helping Grace to be so resilient.

“They are all like family. I love them. When I think of them, I smile. They will always be in my heart.”